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About the Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline:
The Hotline provides free 24/7 crisis intervention and referrals to emergency housing and support services to victims of domestic violence. In addition, Hotline advocates can provide information and resources to concerned family and friends. If this is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Chat Service:
Voluntarily Provided Information by the Visitor:
We do not collect personally identifiable information unless you voluntarily provide it to us when you sign-in to chat or when chatting to help identify and link to resources. Please note this information is not mandatory and may be stored in our database for statistical purposes.

Privacy and Security:
We take your privacy and security very seriously. Security controls, including encryption and authentication, are in place to ensure the protection of your information. Any information provided by you or collected on you will only be shared or disclosed in accordance with applicable Federal laws and/or state laws and regulations.

By entering this site, you expressly acknowledge and agree that the Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline Chat nor any of its contractors, agents, or representatives are responsible for any personal information which you may enter over the Internet during transmission. Despite our efforts to protect your information some level of risk when communicating over the Internet is always present. If the Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline Chat advocate concludes that you are at imminent danger of harming yourself or others, the Chat advocate will request your contact information (i.e. telephone number and/or address) so they can attempt to provide you with additional assistance, including sending local emergency services to you. As a visitor, you may refuse to provide this information. If, however, the Chat advocate still believes you are at imminent danger of harming yourself or others, they may use other information available to them (e.g. your IP address) to help local emergency personnel locate you to provide you with further assistance.